Curt Clifton

Extraordinary sunrise.

“As a lark, they set up a card table at the nearby Salt Lake City’s farmers market and told people they were dispensing free advice.” —Cathy Free

“This sort of casual lying about trivial things that one should own up to belongs in its own category of reprehensibleness. It betrays a special order of contempt for one’s listeners to feed them obvious crap about matters that most ordinary people would forgive, if only the speaker copped to them.” — Greg Sargent

“In its stubborn rejection of empirical reality, the Left NIMBYist view of housing markets shares characteristics of ideologically motivated refusals to accept evidence in other contexts, such as climate change or the safety of vaccines.” — Roderick Hills

“By definition, a vote for any Republican candidate in 2018 is a vote for family separation, tax cuts without corresponding budget cuts, daily insult theatrics in the Oval Office and porn-star payoffs. It’s a vote to ignore Russian corruption of our elections.” — Tom Nichols

“If a bookie will give me 15-to-1 odds, I might lay a bet Chelsea Clinton hosts their inevitable book party.” — David Von Drehle

“Millions of Americans were startled by the revelation on Wednesday afternoon that there was someone working in the Trump White House capable of writing an entire editorial…” — Andy Borowitz

Representing in Oakland. Go M’s!

“To say identity precedes issues doesn’t mean that issues aren’t important. But high-flown ideas — including a moral commitment to equality — must come down to earth to gain power… For better or worse, it’s only through identity that ideas can change the world.” — Kwame Anthony Appiah

“The point is that we’re suffering from the same disease — white nationalism run wild — that has already effectively killed democracy in some other Western nations. And we’re very, very close to the point of no return.” — Paul Krugman

“A responsible Congress would have by now already convened an impeachment inquiry. But that is not the Congress we have. We have a Congress dominated by political hacks and moral invertebrates…” — Max Boot

“Deporting convicts increased homicide rates in migrants’ countries of origin. … Once violence increases, more people flee. Deportation policies thus … [create] a vicious migration cycle by pushing more people away from their homes.” — Christian Ambrosius and David Leblang

Finally found a decent espresso in the Bay Area…

“what … Trump did was knowingly conspire to violate federal campaign law and to hide it from the American people right before the election, and that very severe crime is one that must be punished” — Neal Katyal

“What the Constitution demands is the impeachment and removal from office of this lawless president.” — Bret Stephens

“Wherever per-person Facebook use rose to one standard deviation above the national average, attacks on refugees increased by about 50 percent.” — NY Times

It’s good to be home.

Ready for a PNW-flavored pre-funk before the Sounders crush the Quakes tomorrow.

“It is not an exaggeration to say a party that continues support for Trump is anti-American.” — Jennifer Rubin

“Trump vacated [his oath of office] today, and Republicans can no longer run and hide from that fact.” — Thomas Friedman

Back to reality.

It is so choice. If you have the means, I highly recommend picking one up.

Our chariot awaits.

Say, hey!

I like big slugs, and I cannot lie.