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“why are any of us the least bit surprised that Trump’s devoted clan of white nationalists would be so emboldened as to brazenly emulate their klan forbears and take it to the streets?” —Colby King

“David Duke, the former leader of the Ku Klux Klan, declared that the scene in Charlottesville is a ‘turning point’ for a movement that aims to ‘fulfill the promises of Donald Trump.’” —Washington Post

“…the G.O.P. is completely united behind its project of destroying civilization, and it’s making good progress toward that goal.” —Paul Krugman

“we think [app subscriptions] clearly are the way forward, at least for our kind of app: A complex, multi-platform productivity app.” Max Seelemann, Ulysses

“A city ordinance seeks to aid the homeless by effectively legalizing car-camping all over the city.” —Danny Westneat

I think I’ll like measuring screen real estate in m^2.

“If the GOP cannot be recaptured from Trump and Trumpism, it should be discarded for in its current state it represents a threat to the republic.” —Jennifer Rubin

“When you compare the U.S. social welfare system with those of other wealthy countries, what really stands out now is our neglect of children.” —Paul Krugman

AVFoundation workaround: In, comment out: #import <AVFoundation/AVRouteDetector.h>

On page 7 of the b5 release notes: “Building macOS apps with the AVFoundation framework is not supported with Xcode 9 beta 5.” JFC, good thing no one builds Mac apps anymore.

North Seattle friends, the Northgate Pedestrian/Bike Bridge (over I-5) online open house is open for feedback. Looks great!

Matchless Summer ESB and a 74th St. Red Reuben. Mariners double header on the TV.

Coffee shop, cold brew, Jackson 5, and a weekly review with OmniFocus. Good morning.

“As long as these problems persist — a right marred by bigotry, a liberalism maddened by utopianism — it is hard to imagine a reasonable [immigration] deal.” —Ross Douthat

“if it’s a witch hunt, there are an awful lot of people around the president who just happen to be wearing pointy hats” —Paul Waldman

“without the lies there would be virtually nothing for Trump to say and nothing left of his presidency” —Jennifer Rubin

“So the line from the Trump team is essentially that they were trying to collude with the Russian government to help their campaign, but the attempt was unsuccessful.” —Paul Waldman

“What but some profound sense of inadequacy could explain the neediness and the nastiness, the pout and the pettiness, the vanity and the vulgarity, the anger and the aggression?” —Roger Cohen

“And so, that unnerving silence in the face of an erratic executive branch is an abdication, and those in positions of leadership bear particular responsibility.” —Sen. Jeff Flake–R, AZ

“the lesson that … conservatives appear to be teaching … is that power is more important than principle, … compromise is failure, and … that facts don’t matter.” —Brian C. Rosenberg