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One of my shared links got retweeted into conservative^H reactionary twitter, so making good use of the block button today.

Muahahahaha. I took a screen recording of the Quicken 2018 import progress sheet, found the account that was being imported during the crash (only visible for two frames of the recording), deleted the account from Quicken 2007, then import worked. Accounting vengeance is mine.

Trying to import 25+ years of data from Quicken Mac 2007 into Quicken 2018. It crashes after importing most of the data. I’m the user the devs have nightmares about.

This is so great. “The glasses are equipped with a camera, which feeds a video stream to a remote agent who then narrates what they see in real time over the phone for the [blind] user.” —Mary Hui

Why GOP pols preach fear: “…if they had … just imagined being completely physically safe, the Republicans became significantly more liberal — their positions on social attitudes were much more like the Democratic respondents.” —John Bargh

Happy Thanksgiving. This morning I’m thankful for coffee. Starting small…

It’s true. Obama approves of oxygen. Now, let’s get these folks their fluorine. Can we kickstart that? Gofundme?…

“Nevertheless, a majority of white voters backed a candidate who assured them that they will never have to share this country with people of color as equals. That is the reality that all Americans will have to deal with, and one that most of the country has yet to confront.” —Adam Serwer

“In sum, the problem is not Trump’s advisers calling him names. The problem is that he’s unfit, his top advisers know it and collectively they are pretending that everything is fine.” —Jennifer Rubin

Yet another step toward the rich and near-rich separating themselves from society.…

“These days, [the Republicans] can’t even seem to get their fake story straight — and they literally start yelling obscenities when someone tries to point out the facts.” —Paul Krugman

I need a giant cup of ability-to-focus today. Seattle gray is winning.

A bunch of household jobs to finish in the next month, along with a bottle of scotch. Today’s jobs: clean gutters and install GFCI in kitchen. So, a double…

I’m trying to figure out how our kitchen outlets are wired so I can install a GFCI. It seems like they’re wired in a circle. I’d expect our electricity bill to be lower.

“The House tax bill is wildly regressive; the Senate bill actually raises taxes on most families, while including a special tax break for private planes. In effect, the GOP is giving middle-class Americans a giant middle finger.” —Paul Krugman

“Today’s GOP stands for a set of crackpot ideas, unworkable and unpopular policies and a president not remotely fit to remain in office. Some sunny optimists think the GOP can be saved. From our perspective, it’s not worth trying.” —Jennifer Rubin

“If Moore is ‘guilty as accused,’ these people prefer a devil to a Democrat. That’s not about religious rigor, that’s ideological extremism on a Middle Eastern scale. That is a country-ruining worldview.” —Charles Blow

“G.O.P. tax ‘reform’ … would raise taxes on most individuals, especially in the middle and working classes, and add around 13 million Americans to the ranks of the uninsured, all to pay for big cuts in corporate taxes” —Paul Krugman

Seattle area friends: Looking for a used 21.5″ iMac (late 2012) in excellent condition? Lisa’s is for sale.

I’ll look forward to the Southern Baptists leading the push for sensible gun control… “When we say our “thoughts and prayers” are with them, we are not washing our hands of duty” —R. Albert Mohler, Jr.