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Nice to let myself run fast again. It’s been too long.

“To buoy his ego, they debase themselves, and what you heard them doing in that meeting wasn’t just swallowing their pride but choking on it.” —Frank Bruni

The amount of energy buzzing around @omnigroup in the week after WWDC is always fun, doubly so this year with Apple’s amazing improvements for productivity apps in iOS 11.

OMG this new iPad Pro with ProMotion is extraordinarily. Can’t stop scrolling back and forth between home screens.

The joys of biking the Westland Cycle Track. Saved by my Schwalbes.

I hope a senator asks the Attorney General why the committee should believe him when he already lied under oath to the Judiciary Committee.

“It is always important to remember that few customers own multiple platforms and so being consistent across platforms solves your problem but not customer problems.” —Steven Sinofsky

“Although its activities didn’t involve bombs or dead bodies, Russia’s efforts were no less dangerous than any terrorist attack. In fact, the insidiousness of Russia’s interference lies in its invisibility” —Asha Rangappa

“How well does American hegemony function when the colossus lacks a head?” —Ross Douthat

Steaks and garlic potatoes on the grill. Cab in the glass.

A perfect Saturday in June. What should we do? Plumbing!

“You’ll try new things. You’ll fail. Get back up and keep climbing.” —Jared Sorge

Monument Valley 2 is as lovely as the original.

Great session! Well done, @optshiftk! I can’t wait to use all this stuff in iOS 11.

“Without social media focusing me on the news of the instant, I consumed news in a slower, less frantic fashion … I came away feeling better informed.” —538

TFW Apple name checks your app with a screenshot during a keynote. @omnifocus FTW

Settling in for OmniWDC.

Merry Dubdubmas!