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It was a perfect day to hike to Greider Lakes, a hidden gem north of Sultan, WA.

First banana slug of the hiking season says, “Hello.”

That was a fun match on a perfect Seattle day.

✔️ Bonfire built. ✔️ Timbers toasted.


“Since 9/11, American citizens are seven times more likely to be killed by a right-wing extremist than a Muslim attacker.” —Teen Vogue

“UIDebuggingInformationOverlay is a private UIWindow subclass created by Apple, presumably to help developers and designers debug Apple’s own iOS apps.” —Ryan Peterson

It’s derby day! 🌲 #ebfg ⭐️

“The talented community sees America as a new Athens, a creative crossroads … It’s an Exodus story for an information age.” —David Brooks

“What would happen to West Virginia if all these Trump policies went into effect? ” —Paul Krugman

“With any bully, when you punch them in the nose, they back down.” —NY Times

It’s a perfect Seattle day. (Center for Wooden Boats, Museum of History and Industry)

“The U.S. elected a laughing stock to the presidency and has now made itself dependent on a joke of a man” —Der Spiegel

“The future of conservatism now depends on its capacity for revulsion. And it is not at all clear whether this capacity still exists.” —Michael Gerson

Informal Xcoders night. Cyclops in Belltown.

collection.flapMat { … } sigh

Dual wielding new MacBook Pros because Xcode is so slow to compile this mixed Swift/ObjC codebase.

“people got it into their heads that they had a constitutional right to live in the suburbs and drive … through the center of a city … going seventy miles an hour. Our local politicians can’t bring themselves to tell these entitled shits the truth” —Dan Savage

Draining the swamp? “The Trump administration … has moved to block an effort to disclose any ethics waivers granted to former lobbyists” —NY Times

After six years of tools stashed in boxes, I’m thrilled to have an organized shop again. Next step: rebuild woodworking tool collection.

Poppies and friends.

“The sad reality is that the greatest defense of the president available at this point is one his team could never give on the record: He is an idiot who does not know any better.” —Erick Erickson

Guardians 2 was great fun.

Solved another thorny coding problem by drawing a picture of it in Linea. Visual thinking FTW.

I’m now the only developer at Omni to have deleted /trunk twice. I hope my key fob still works on Monday.

I’m now the only developer at Omni to have deleted /trunk on the SVN server twice. Hope my key fob still works on Monday.

Finished my first play through of Journey. Wow. What a game.

“While traumas do have a lasting impact, most people actually emerge stronger afterward.” —Martin Seligman

It was a great week of designing, coding, and helping co-workers with interesting problems, but I am end-of-spring-term exhausted.

My brother turns 50 today and I feel old. That’’s not right. Happy birthday, @phil_clifton!

“The president is not a child. Children can improve. Children speak with inside voices. Children ask for help when there are things they cannot reach.” —Alexandra Petri

Healthy eating at the Omni Group. /@omnigroup

“That is the Trump reality. A man with a deformed personality and a defective intellect runs a dysfunctional administration” Bret Stephens

“leaving a man this witless and unmastered in an office with these powers and responsibilities is an act of gross negligence” —Douthat

“Don’t put all your chickens in one basket.” —Extra Ordinary

“you are statistically more likely to get mauled by a hungry timeshare salesman than be bitten by a shark” Maui Revealed

“We’ve got this perverse situation in which the vast analytic powers of the entire world are being spent trying to understand a guy whose thoughts are often just six fireflies beeping randomly in a jar.” —David Brooks

“These are either the machinations of concealment, expressions of a burgeoning insanity, or both.” Charles Blow

Finally downloading Journey for PS4.

“Are there still public servants who are prepared to say no to the president?” WaPo

“Are there even three principled Republicans left who will put their devotion to the Republic above their fealty to the Republican Party? I fear the answer to that question.” —Max Boot

“There were 10283 lines of changes, so I’m not showing them.”

That was an eventful feature branch.

“There were 10283 lines of changes, so I’m not showing them.”

That was an eventful feature branch.

“the Republican Party is losing any resemblance to a traditional Western political party, instead simply turning into something more commonly found in the developing world: a platform to support the ego, appetites and interests of one man and his family.” WaPo

“Republican Party identification has begun requiring intellectual vacuity” WaPo

“Most people now realize, I think, that Donald Trump holds basic American political values in contempt. What we need to realize is that much of his party shares that contempt.” NY Times

“Few public servants have found themselves with a choice as weighty as yours … Yes, it might cost you your job. But it would save your honor, and so much more besides.” NY Times

“The people [on mailing lists] feel like they can make decisions that the world will then obey. You can hear it how people talk. They seem to believe they have arrived at the top of the pyramid and now they are masters of the universe.” Dave Winer

“This president may think himself unassailable, but Americans are seeing him for what he is: a tin-pot tyrant.” WaPo

“The Republicans … need to ask themselves whether they want to continue to be complicit in this institutional assault. By now it should be clear to them that having Donald Trump’s back will cost them their integrity.” NY Times

“It’s now clear that Trump’s Justice Department has no independence. Both Sessions, and Sessions’s deputy, Rod Rosenstein, are acting like Trump enforcers. And now the F.B.I. is compromised as well.” NYTimes

Yet another @ReachNowSupport trip marred but their buggy software. Trips regularly fail to end and I get charged for an extra 10-15 minutes.

Another @ReachNowSupport trip overcharged because of their buggy software. I love the cars and service, but the number of times trips have failed to end is beyond ridiculous.

“The general shape of what the G.O.P. would do to health care, for the white working class in particular, has long been obvious, yet many people who were sure to lose, bigly, voted Trump anyway.”

I’m deep diving on CloudKit nearly three years later. Are there any apps using public databases and discoverability?

Whoa. WWDC slides with Objective-C code. 2014 all over again.

The Spiccoli from Woodlands is always an excellent pizza, and Rueben’s Crikey IPA is great alongside. Lucky to have this just a block from home.

“Baseball gives us a chance to see ourselves in everyone, at times reflecting the image of some complex and difficult shadows in our society. … Having biases is human … But we need to check them more honestly if we are to really understand how to move forward.”

“Republicans would be able to devise a tax bill that collects about $1 trillion less in revenue but that would still qualify as revenue-neutral under Senate procedure.”

Johnny Cash covers No Expectations. This Under Cover playlist of the Stones is great.

Ooh. These are going to be good. … … I hate waiting. … /me pours more wine. … Waiting isn’t so bad.

Cinnamon-chili rubbed chops on my grill. Wine in my glass. Saturday.

Aretha covers Jumping Jack Flash

Uninstalling Facebook and aggressively de-politicking my Twitter feed. I have other sources of news, and time is too precious to let social media make me angry. I’ll still post links to political opinion pieces. Set mute filters accordingly.

I just posted a summary of my Custom Fonts series including all the code. Share and enjoy!

Posted: Appearance Manager

“With just under 300 lines of total code, we can add custom fonts to an app.”

“The ultimate freedom is a free mind, and we need technology to be on our team to help us live, feel, think and act freely.”

“Testing a Workflow for posts with URL shortening.”

Code reviews.

“The Republican health-care bill is an act of monstrous cruelty. It should stain those who supported it to the end of their days.” WaPo

Beyond a certain rate of rainfall Gore-Tex shoes aren’t a win. Poured about a half cup of water out of each after my ride home. It rained so hard I laughed out loud for most of the ride.

“And in almost all cases, [Apple’s policies are] also deeply hostile to the sustainability of a small business as a software developer.” Matt Gemmell

You now it’s going to be a great meeting when you take Tylenol to prepare for it.

Finally, a latte.

Hadn’t noticed this in Apple’s docs before. The Cloud Kit quick start includes a listing of related WWDC talks in the introduction. Nice.

“White Christians are today struggling to face a new reality: the inevitable surrender of table ownership in exchange for an equal seat.” NY Times

The Omni Group is hiring! We’re looking for a tech-savvy people person to join our support team. See the details on our jobs page.

Hmm, looks like I didn’t set up my github token correctly. Trying again with repo_public access.

Just set up mirroring from my hosted to github so I have a hot copy of my posts. Next: upload my twitter archive

“By 2006, a majority of those polled claimed to have voted for John Kerry in 2004. It will be interesting, a couple of years from now, to see how many people say they voted for Donald Trump.” NY Times

“First, recognize juice for what it is: a treat. It doesn’t belong at your breakfast table or in your …

“First, recognize juice for what it is: a treat. It doesn’t belong at your breakfast table or in your post-workout routine. ”

Looks like there are still a few issues with the crossposting bot. So… Posted: Integrating

Was trying to figure out how to use Workflow to post a Workflow to and my brain exploded. Sorry about the mess.

“Experimenting with a Workflow for posting links to

“Experimenting with a Workflow for posting links to”

Posted: Integrating

“I spent part of the day today integrating my site into my main site.”

I’m spending a relaxing Sunday morning updating the integration of with Is there documentation for the CSS classes yet? Happy to reverse engineer if not. /cc @help

I love these pictures of Mom and Dad. Lisa did a great job with the framing.

Every once in awhile it’s good to just go through OmniFocus, pick all the simplest tasks, and see how many I can knock off in a day.

Every once in awhile it’s good to just go through OmniFocus, pick all the simplest tasks, and see how many I can knock off in a day.

“They lack the foundational knowledge and basic political engagement required to know the difference between facts a

Every Developer is an API Designer - Andrew Bancroft

Congratuations, @lithium3141 and Catherine!

It was a day very well spent on the Olympic Peninsula.

It was a day very well spent on the Olympic Peninsula.

“code is very creative. There’s no single way to do anything” …

Yo @jakecarter

Yo @jakecarter

Some people work from home. At the @omnigroup I vacation from office. /cc @fet

Some people work from home. At the @omnigroup I vacation from office. /cc @fet


New speakers welcomed and encouraged at @xcoders!

It was a pleasure. Great to see you.

Follow me at

I’m thrilled to have a brand spanking new Next up: figure out how to integrate with my custom site generator.

I’m thrilled to have a brand spanking new Next up: figure out how to integrate with my custom site generator.

And then you make an enum with a case whose payload is a block.

Let’s build a wall on the northern border to keep the Canadian cows out!

It was great to hear @nprscottsimon tonight at Town Hall. His new book is one I’ll listen to instead of read.¶

Anyone else seeing the issue where, when editing near the end of a file, Xcode scrolls the editing location off the bottom of the view port?

Like, for example, this one. #secessionNow

Love the design work on this badge. The 10 mile run was nice too.

“Acknowledging that your blindness, selfishness and fear compelled you to buy into a man who is selling you out may

Walk-off three run shot. Gotta fly the flag!

You can open a can of worms, but can you tap a keg of worms? I mean, that’s a lot of worms. Asking for a friend.

“If you have a Mac, go get the trial of [OmniOutliner] Essentials and then see if you can resist buying it”

OH: “Nobody needs 20 Peeps.”

Found one.

Time for the Stewart family Easter beer hunt. 🐣 🍺

A reminder that many Christians still remember that Jesus called people to love.

Happy Easter!

“Testing a Workflow for posting by posting a link to Workflow. It’s the cat’s pajamas.” …

Just joined Team Frumious Donuts. #fb

“The key psychological insight here is that people have no trouble turning any information into a coherent narrative

It’s well that we take time to recognize the people who pass through our lives on their journeys. It was an honor to work with you @haxie1.

“the surprise is that a Republican Senate would actually steal a seat to assure a future Republican president of tha

Posted: “Suppose we want to use custom fonts but want the convenience of named font styles.”¶¶h/t @pgor ¶¶

“an ultra-wealthy administration’s attempt to formalize the plutocratic free-for-all that has followed decades of gr

Surreal. Guy riding a brakeless fixie on Dexter gave me holy hell for having an e-bike. I didn’t get the memo that commuting was a contest.

“When you accept that design happens almost everywhere in your organization, you have to take responsibility for it”

The entire chain of command from flight and ground crews up to @united’s CEO are negligent here. Not to mention the Chicago PD, no surprise.

Homeopathic pull quote: “t”

Iteration and collaboration are essential to great design.

“But still, I worry that at the current pace the Trump administration is going to run out of failure” …

“they provide a safe space for people who want an affirmation that their uglier impulses are, in fact, justified” …

Radical Efficiency

Sometimes the daily grind can be frustrating, but I really am blessed with some of the greatest co-workers in the world @OmniGroup.

Whatever you’re into Pat. I won’t judge.

Youth STEAM Institute:

“Our last two chief executives recognized that they needed to make efforts along these lines” …

Charles Chocolate Chip Cookie. Not very mysterious.

“We love iOS… But … it’s not — yet? — possible to make a living selling pro software on those platforms.”

“this debate isn’t really about qualifications. If it were, Gorsuch wouldn’t have been nominated, because Garland wo

Posted: Font Follow-up¶¶“The basic idea is to use Core Graphics to load and register the font files.”¶¶

325 miles on the new bike before getting clipped by a car. Front passenger quarter panel to left pannier. Both Clyde and I are uninjured.

Proliferating Protocols is my new band name.

“He is a man so unpredictable, so reckless, so petulant, so full of blind self-regard, so untethered to reality” …

Opening day tomorrow. Bull Durham tonight.¶¶“Lollygaggers, sir.”

Volunteered preparing the newest Tiny Houses village today. It was a lot of fun, plus we had Ezell’s chicken.

“Woven into the issue are questions of race, and class, and the grotesque economics of big-time college sports.”

“a downward spiral of incompetence and public contempt” ¶

“President Trump seems to have no awareness whatsoever of what he does and does not know”¶

“[GOP] believes that increasing the profits of telecom[s] is more important than protecting the privacy of people” ¶

“How many will care if artificial intelligence destroys life if it has already destroyed meaning?” ¶

Huzzah. Apple is offering childcare for WWDC this year. That should be a huge win for a more diverse crowd. Thanks @pschiller and team!

Butt-first coffee?

Ah, spring.

“This bill takes the most vicious progressive stereotypes about conservatives and validates them.” #fb

YMSB was transcendent. That was an extraordinary experience.

“When I’m stoned…”

Yonder Mountain String Band. Amazing. Thanks to some anonymous Rose student for exposing them to me.

Holy contact high, Batman.

LIl Smokies shredding at Showbox.

Always nice to have some variety in the forecast.

From last night: Custom Fonts on iOS¶¶“In this post I’ll share the steps to add custom fonts to an app in Xcode.”¶¶

“because psychotic individuals … find reality as a whole too painful to bear, they break with it globally” #fb

Posted: Custom Fonts on iOS¶¶“In this post I’ll share the steps to add custom fonts to an app in Xcode.”¶¶

What a march! I touched the Cup. So cool. #ebfg

Time from hanging bike mount to hitting my head on it: 45 seconds.

And lo the sun did shine on the triumphant return of the champions. ⭐️ #ebfg

A ticket to the Sounders home opener appears! Thanks be to the soccer gods. Also @lalahods and @tjw.

<3 #fb


Bumper stickers seen on the morning commute: “I solemnly swear I am up to no good“ and “Mentat Assassin”. I live in the right place.

Palpable Illogic is my new electro-funk band. #fb

OH: “Part way through I got crafty with PVC pipe and took a shower again. But keeping the opossums out was a bit more involved.”

Spring at Omni.

“Today’s Republican Party has moved so far…right that it no longer supports any plan that covers the uninsured” #fb

CBO predicts Trumpcare will kill enough poor people that conservative Republicans can support it.

The traditional Monday-after-DST extra hour of coffee.

Please help re-introduce grizzly bears in the North Cascades, just a couple of clicks and a couple of minutes… #fb

Us? Tired of the rain? Why do you ask?

Yes, Your Sleep Schedule is Making You Sick, via @nytimes

“the answer… is that they were all lying… On this, at least, Republican unity remains impressively intact.” #fb

And then the concrete cutting company van pulls up at the neighbor’s remodeling project at 6:30am.

Passing a hundred cars stuck in traffic sure takes the sting out of a cold, rainy bike commute.

Posted: Clyde the Glide¶¶“A couple of weeks ago I made an outrageous impulse purchase…”¶¶

The two remaining cabinet nominees must be asked whether they are prepared to do their duties under section 4 of the 25th amendment.

Another fact that leads me to believe secession is the answer. Progressive states must take control of the economic engine from the GOP. #fb

Finally able to breathe today but head still throbbing. OTOH finally feel well enough to play Firewatch. #latetotheparty #notzelda

The biggest trouble with being home sick is that I just keep reading the news.

Whoever, owing allegiance to [U.S.],… adheres to their enemies… is guilty of treason and shall suffer death… #fb

Finally got around to figuring out why my office phone has been blinking for months. Turns out someone left a message last July.

It’s match day! @zkscott testimonial match at Memorial tonight at 7. Tickets available at the stadium. Get in! It’s going to be great. #fb

Missing person alert for the 8th district.

WTF? How are tweets from the Pumpkinführer’s at-potus account showing up in my feed?

“even more toxic than the 45th President: Because it would be an inconvenience, they refuse to protect our rights.”

Despite this morning’s snow, spring is here. I’m getting game-starting notifications from MLB AtBat again. Go Cubs Go!

This morning’s macchiato was so pretty the barista stopped to photograph it.

Fun but icy day of skiing at Steven’s. I wiped out under a lift and earned a well deserved Nelson laugh from above.

As if the Pumpkinführer even knows that “military” can mean precision. Hell, this dipshit doesn’t even know what “precision” means.

One of those nights where I feel lucky to live in Seattle doing what I do with a community of people that I love. ❤

I just love fixing crashers when there’s a solid repro.

New wheels.

Test rode a couple of e-bikes today. Woah, that’s fun!

Font nerd and designer friends: I’m thinking of using Livory for body text in an app. Any recommendations for a display font to go with it?

Returning to reading twitter after a month off. I’m going to try to tune the stress out of my feed. We’ll see how long this last.

Finally saw Hidden Figures tonight. Beautiful, frustrating, inspiring. We’ve come so far and have so far to go. #fb

Next three stages: (T) drawknife, (M) spokeshave and chisel, (B) card scraper

I’m working on my own container view controller and want children to have a proper bottomLayoutGuide. Supported, or do I have to swizzle?

Drove a Car2go Mercedes for the first time today. Nice!

Mischief managed. Time to head home. 🏡 🇺🇸

More than sixteen inches of snow with another 7–10 expected. The village is beautiful.

Thirteen inches of powder overnight and it’s still snowing!

Forecast is for 40-55 cm of snow in the next 24 hours. Hotel has one room left for Thursday night. Stay extended. 😀⛷🇨🇦

Just another day in paradise with Lisa.

At 1.9 miles between support towers, there’s lots of time to pose for photos.

This is the Republican party the country needs. #fb

Working on my goggle tan with Lisa.

It was a glorious day on the mountain.

Just another day at Whistler Blackcomb: 13 runs and 30,085.1 ft vertical descent. Total distance 38.4 mi. Descent distance 22.7 mi. #fb

The True North strong and free, eh.

A morning well spent: 11 runs and 16,478.3 ft vertical descent. #fb

What to wear today: everything

“What happens when to pretend otherwise or to look the other way would be nothing short of cowardice?” #fb

Just eight miles to America’s hat. Looks like it too.

Playing with Linea by The Iconfactory. Such an amazing sketching app. Exactly what I’ve been wanting to build. #fb

Eliot A. Cohen Responds to Donald Trump’s First Week - The Atlantic

“And so sooner or later all will have to choose what side they are on, and live forever after with the choice.”

Last day to get in on the ground floor! Do it.¶¶Indie Microblogging: owning your short-form writing by Manton Reece

“He meant every word of it, and everyone who thought we shouldn’t take him literally … is a goddamn fool.” #fb

I’m afraid the “” key is roken on my new MacBook Pro. It only registers about half the time, bbbut sometimes registers multiple times.

Once again delighted by artboards and image asset export in @OmniGraffle 7. So fast and fun to update assets for my iOS side projects.


Working out the next James Dempsey album.


Greetings people of San Francisco. I come in peace. #fb

SFO bound. ✈️

Looks like we’ll stay busy at Omni this year… #fb

I got a request this morning to review a journal paper. It’s good to be reminded occasionally that I used to be Dr. Clifton.

“We are America. We are loud, ‘nasty’ and fed up. We are motivated dissidents and we are legion.” #fb

“the insecure egomaniac-in-chief will almost surely deny awkward truths and berate the media for reporting them” #fb

Draw knife work done. Switching to spokeshave next, then files.

This is going to take awhile, but it’s so much fun!

Shaving horse? We don’t need no stinking shaving horse.

New, to me, drawknife. Ready to take some bark off my live-edge slab.

Saturday SF brunch plan: Mission Beach Café, 9am (eep) @frozendevil @optshiftk @fet @existopher @kongtomorrow @cocoalabs @davidhoang

Looking forward to a quick trip to SFO on Friday/Saturday. Anybody up for an early brunch on Saturday morning? @optshiftk @fet @davidhoang

This is why I’ve wept for my country since Nov. Trump and his voters have destroyed the very idea of America. #fb

Posted: Completed and Await Reply Script, Version 1.2¶¶“automatically set a defer date on the follow-up task”¶¶

“If such ideas earn jeers in [his] presidency, the American carnage is only beginning.” #fb

“Because Republicans control Congress, they have the unique ability and… responsibility to confront … Trump.” #fb

“There is no week nor day when tyranny may not enter upon this country…” #fb

“… an administration unprecedented in its corruption, but also completely unprepared to govern.” #fb

“…the standard practices, norms, ways of… interacting will be degraded… the economy will grind to a … crawl” #fb

“never before has one president assembled such a remarkable collection of [unqualified] individuals“ #fb

“Toss ideology out of the window. This is about democracy and fascism, war and peace, life and death.” #fb

WH Residence Staff are real pros. This is fascinating, though no mention of when the Resolute desk will be gilded.

The full spectrum lamp feels like overkill in this situation.

“32 million people could lose their health insurance” Why do pious Republicans keep trying to kill poor people? #fb

Painted all the end grain to help the slabs dry more evenly and reduce splitting.

“So let’s be thankful that John Lewis had the courage to speak out. It was the patriotic, heroic thing to do.” #fb

“Mr. Trump, I join John Lewis in asserting … that I, too, don’t see you as a legitimate president.” Yep. #fb

Bluebird skies. Glacier Peak is peeking out

First ski day of the season!

Wow, does it feel good to make sawdust and shavings again. It’s been too long.

This is going to be a bench.

These chunks are going to become bar stools.

Nervously preparing to cut into this giant slab of spalted maple.

“If Mr. Trump is… innocent of any untoward connections…, wouldn’t he want [an] investigation to clear his name?” #fb

Der Pumpkinführer is getting trounced in the latest polls. Must be embarrassing to be such a loser. Sad! #fb

Posted: Finder and Terminal are Friends¶¶“I have a three little hacks that simplify moving between the two modes.“¶¶

“If nominees refuse to acknowledge … the Russian threat…, they should be blocked.” #fb

“Donald Trump is as much Russia’s appointment as our elected executive.” #fb

“Will Donald Trump turn out to be the equivalent of Ronald Reagan… Silvio Berlusconi… or someone worse…?” #fb

Yep. Der Pumpkinführer’s twitter rants are how he attempts to control the news cycle.

“… one is forced to consider that Trump himself poses a threat to national security.” #fb

Practicing mindful sickness by being present with my sinuses.

“… rest assured, anxious America, you brought your fists to a glitter fight. This is a taco truck rally and …“ #fb

I’ll be talking about weak references and type erasure.

I love this idea of the size of types. It puts the problems of stringly typed code on a quantitative foundation.

“[don’t] feel any pressure [to] witness the pomp… surrounding the installation of a demi-fascist… as president.” #fb

Love web development? Come work with my great colleagues and the #OmniDogs (also me, but I’ll try to stay out of the way). #fb

Posted: Variations on a Theme¶¶Two more approaches to weak references and type erasure. h/t @axiixc @jckarter¶¶

Not much. Just opening my iCloud cache with sqlite3. You?

Seattle’s Democracy Voucher Program: What to do with that money you’re going to get in the mail - The Evergrey

“It will be interesting to see if that brawl is just… harmless… verbiage, or whether it… leads to nuclear war.” #fb

Happy birthday, @isaacsanders!

“Laughing and playing in the face of trauma gives the person perspective upon life’s inevitable difficulties…” #fb

I’m so happy to be able to share this work with folks. It was a long time coming and surprisingly tricky.

clickity clickity clickity :-)

I got a WASD 87 keyboard with Cherry MX Blues for my b-day last month. Back from time off and using it this morning. OMG this is so great!

It seems an error hath occurred¶Thy socket layer goest unsecured

Every interview with any Republican, from the person on the street to the President elect should start with this question. #fb

What’s the best way to contact new House members? @PramilaJayapal takes office tomorrow. I’d like to call re. the GOP’s new “ethics” rules.

What are you doing in my swamp? — With No Warning, House Republicans Vote to Gut Independent Ethics Office #fb

I think this might become a bench for our living room.

I just backed @manton2’s Indie Microblogging: owning your short-form writing on @Kickstarter

Posted: Weak References and Type Erasure¶¶“two interesting Swift problems … collided in an interesting way“ ¶¶

Tiny knitted birds in a ficus at Herkimer Greenwood.

“Everything we know suggests that we’re entering an era of epic corruption and contempt for the rule of law…” #fb

“Why The Republicans Don’t Have An Obamacare Replacement Plan” #fb

Der Pumpkinführer and his minions can fuck right off. He’s so fragile that our penchant for mockery is a powerful weapon against him.

Troubling and important: “… the West is already at war, whether it wants to be or not.” #fb

2017 can’t be all bad. Someone else just learned that they’re good dogs. 😂

Counting down.

Classical Soul of Motown with the Seattle Symphony is killing it. What a show!

Happy new year!

Ready to celebrate seeing 2016 in the rear view mirror.

Wrapped up the year with a slow, hilly 11 miles with friends for a total of 1651 miles run in 2016.

My 2017 will be safe and happy to see my beautiful little sister on my iPhone and iPad app now and now it’s time to go.

Happy birthday, @davidhoang!

“an attempt to subvert U.S. democracy ought to be unforgivable” It is, and der Pumpkinführer is complicit. #fb

Few things are as satisfying as having the right tool for the job at hand.

Filed: rdar:///29832258 UIActivityTypeAddToNotes is missing

Live like you live here, Seattle.

“Over Trump’s motives for collaborating so full-throatedly with Russian espionage…hangs a … disturbing mystery” #fb

“Rebellions are built on hope.” Something to remember over the next four years. #fb

✔ Chocolate popcorn¶✔ Oatmeal stout ¶¶Ready to watch a Star War.

How many were cabinet nominees of der Pumpkinführer?

Impressive support from Apple. My new MBP’s SSD died on the Monday before Christmas. The brand new BTO replacement machine arrived today. 💯

Filed watchOS 3.1 radar 29820639: Cannot set title of first pushed view controller when vertically paging

It was a wonderful week with family, but I’m always happy to see the Seattle skyline again. Now to put my head on my own pillow. 😴

Hello, Seattle. Missed you.

Catching up on my RSS feeds. This is so great. “Thanks Mom!”

All aboard. Toot toot. ¶MSP✈️SEA¶757-300, nice digs.

Waiting on equipment to be towed over from the hanger. On the plus side, we have a fresh crew at the gate waiting to board with us.

No, autocorrect, we did not get fries at culverts.

Unwinding the trip: bought cheap gas at the same place and fries at the same Culver’s.

Catching up on SaH after the holidays. It’s dusty in here, @ssfcvictorylap.

“Russia’s policies are rooted in deceit, graft & violence—a combination that presents an existential challenge…” #fb

And sleeping now.

Sleepy dog is sleepy.

Jolly Boxing Day from my favorite Cubs fan, Jim Laxson.

Cubs win! The Cubs win the pennant.

Drinking scotch with my father in law and (re-)watching the Cubs beat the Dodgers.

One of my favorite photos of Mom. I caught her laughing at the T-shirt for Rob’s trap shooting club.

A merry Clifton Christmas.

Perfect snow falling at Mom and Dad’s.

Juncoes, purple finches, turtle dove, downy woodpecker, red-headed woodpecker, red-tailed hawk, and four extremely fat squirrels. #wildlife

Enjoying watching the snow and the birds feeding at Mom and Dad’s, then this huge hawk swooped in and perched.

One more state falls to the authoritarian GOP. Who’s next? Or do the rest of us fall together?

They’re giving the stuff away.

One of my favorite things about the Midwest: Culver’s fries /cc @fet

Hello, Twin Cities.

On board: SEA ✈️ MSP. First glass of wine in hand.

Through security. Watching the sunset and waiting to board.

Looks like they’re going to swap my MBP for a new one. 👍🏻

Headed to the Apple Store on Dec. 21. If I don’t make it back, speak well of me.

Sounders home opener, March 19.

Anybody seeing issues with poor performance on iOS when the system Use Bold Fonts setting is on? I suspect problems with template images.

“The erosion of democratic foundations has been underway for decades…there’s no guarantee that we will…recover.” #fb

And we’re going there on purpose this week…

Solid summary of how right-wing radio destroyed our democracy, told from one on the inside. #fb

I now have the tiniest sliver of sympathy for the horribly broken human being they elected to be our next president.

“not just the thin idea of freedom from overregulation but the freedom to choose our destinies”

App Store craps out downloading Sierra update, reboots anyway, now machine won’t finish boot. Turns self off half way through decrypt.

So Apple pulled watchOS 3.1.1. Anyway to remove the notification badge from the Watch app on my iPhone, short of turning off notifications?

On first reading I thought the ambassadorships were going to talented hookers. Not sure if that’s better or worse.

Informative. Weird that I’d heard of everything in the lower right but nothing in the lower left.

A highlight of the day really.

That was fun.

Ready to march.

The Evergrey newsletter continues to impress. Seattleites, get your daily dose of togetherness.

☑️ ECS Membership renewed for 2017. #ebfg

“Beyond the obvious…ties [he] has to Putin, do Russian interests have any hold upon him…financial or otherwise?” #fb

“I view Trump’s election as the most grievous blow that the American idea has suffered in my lifetime.” #fb

I’m mostly out of the loop on current cinema, but here’s a movie I’m now excited to see over the holidays…

We have a name for your swing band, @realDonaldTrump: Clownshoes and the Plunder Monkeys

This man knows horror, and can write a little…

Mostly I sang and soaked it all in, but here’s the Cup with Roman, Ozzie, Adrian, and coach.

. @SoundersFC on the ground. Just a small matter of getting a large cup through customs now.

An hour to wait. The crowd is swelling.

Thinking of heading down to Boeing Field to stand in the rain and welcome the MLS Cup and @SoundersFC home. Anybody want to ride along?

Brilliant comeback by the @SoundersFC during the second half of the season. Sad that a few @Torontofc fans marred the championship game.

But Hillary was “too corrupt”. Fucking idiots.

Brian Schmetzer’s rave green army! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 #ebfg

Ohhh. Ohhh. Ohhh. Ohhh. Wooooh! Shake it up, baby, now.


Seattle tweeps: I’m planning to watch the Sounders’ MLS Cup game at St. Andrews Bar & Grill on Aurora. Arriving around 4:30. Who’s in?

Good analysis, but the right choice is obvious. It’s only impossible because Republican politicians are immoral, power hungry hacks.

I’m edging closer to treating Twitter as a write-only platform…

December in Seattle.

Excellent analysis.

And Trump doesn’t even have a dog.

If you’re awake, Seattle, find a place where you can see the mountain. It’s beautiful this morning.

This is great. The Trumpkins will have to go back to the Farmer’s Almanac for their forecast, since the Weather Channel has a liberal bias.

“Red state voters … talk a good game about small govt and low taxes, but in reality they are socialist moochers” #fb

I’ve been enjoying The Evergreen, Seattle’s daily email newsletter. Great ideas for getting involved.

It says something that after installing 1Password and OmniFocus on my new laptop, my personal font collection was the next thing in.

Ice on the Galer St. pedestrian overpass this morning. Tread carefully.

import Foundationish

Be safe out there this morning…

Say cheese #PS4share

Get Acorn, which you really want, and help a great cause…

“We stand at the precipice, staring into an abyss that grows darker by the day.” #fb

“why … are [we] subsidizing a government that doesn’t give [us] an equal vote” #fb

Rack on the car. Skis getting waxed. Ready to get started on what looks like a great season.

I love this piece hanging at Herkimer In Greenwood.

Ready to go.

Holiday run preparations underway.

Standard GOP playbook: manufacture a crisis, implement regressive policy in the ensuing emergency

December in Seattle, part 2.


Marbled archway.

Informal Xcoders tonight at Cyclops. I’ll arrive around 6, but come when you can!

December in Seattle.

My new base on planet 1060 West Addison in the 1929 Cubs system. #PS4share

Funky eyeball?

Marble with a hat.

Game on, Ohioans. Overwhelm the Trumpkins with a giant protest. Show the loser the truth.

The newest update to No Man’s Sky is amazing. It’s like a brand new game with all the coolest stuff of the original.

Marble on stress putty.

Artboard Layers are the bee’s knees! Check out the free trial of OmniGraffle 7 if you haven’t already.

“Those institutions can in all likelihood weather four years of his mental instability and toxic incitement. But not necessarily.

Fuuu. Just discovered that @1password on my Mac hasn’t synced since June.

We spent the afternoon and evening running bib and chip pick-up for the Seattle half marathon. It was fun to say hello to so many runners.

Fence fixed. Solstice lights hung. And just one coffee into the day.

I’m thankful for a dry morning, so I can fix the fence that blew down onto our driveway.

And they were delicious.

I’m just 2 pages in, but this might be a seminal paper. Wow. “Polymorphism, Subtyping, and Type Inference in MLsub”

And can you start those proceedings before the inauguration?

It’s a beautiful day for a run!

Oh, hell yes. Spot on. A minority of the electorate put an abomination in the White House, but we owe him nothing but contempt.

Pegboard stacks assembled. Friday I drill 40 mounting holes into the concrete foundation to hang these.

Do-it-yourself chop saw…

Great post by @nothe on mental health care and antidepressants. I’m so lucky that the first med my doc tried worked.

Despite head-to-toe rain gear, I’m soaked to the bone, but we cheered the Sounders to a 2-1 lead after one leg, and I went home singing.

30 minutes from N 85th to the ship canal on the E. Traffic is a nightmare. Should have bussed to the U and taken Link.

Floating buildings #PS4share

Fantastic Beasts was great fun. Nice to watch a movie from the Potter universe without knowing how it comes out.

Thinking of building a “cloud-to-butt” style browser plug-in for the President-elect. Which is a funnier translation Clownshoes or Turnip?

“…introducing…a service designed to fragment my attention is as scary to me as…smoking…to an endurance athlete” #fb¶

Plan: nice relaxing afternoon working on side project¶Actual: date math¶(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Seats reserved for Fantastic Beasts in 70mm at Cinerama.

“The proper response is steely resolve to wage the fight of our lives.” #fb

An afternoon of good beers and good company with Ross, @drewpaine, and @mauchter was an excellent way to start a holiday week off.

I really enjoy Swift, but today I’m working on pure ObjC code and am reminded that Xcode was once a great dev environment. ⌘-click works!

November 18 in Seattle.

Seattle Councilwoman Gets Threats After Trump Protect /cc @rclifo

tfw your hack is so horrible you’re disappointed that it works

OK, Washington. Looks like we have more calls to make tomorrow. Find your state senators and representatives here:

Another reason why I love my city…

Happy birthday @verso!

On the importance of education…

“In Myanmar… misinformation on Facebook has reportedly helped fuel ethnic cleansing…” #fb

“…to save the country, you have to work with people you disagree with on almost every ordinary political issue.” #fb

“…to know how disgruntled white Americans … found a way to take back a country they felt they were entitled to … #fb

Here’s the script I’m using when calling my representatives today. Please use it if it’s helpful.

New group with Seattle numbers for my congresswomen:¶Sen. Murray: (206) 553-5545¶Sen. Cantwell: (206) 220-6400¶Rep. Jayapal: (206) 482-8420

This is fine. ☕️

“After 240 years, an idea that once inspired the world has finally repealed itself.”

Posted: The Carson Rationalization. “‘I supported Ben Carson in the caucuses, so I can’t be racist.’” #fb

2016 Election Thank You Notes, via @nytimes

Lock him up!

No @SpeakerRyan, yours was the party of Lincoln. Now it’s the party of white supremacists. Rot in the hell I assume you still believe in.

“Trump represents the last wisp of the rich white plantation owner holding on to the glories of the past.” #fb


This football game is something else. Glad I tuned in.

This was an enlightening read for this supposedly enlightened white guy: The Nature of Contemporary Prejudice #fb

Reaching back 13 months for this, but perhaps Ben Carson was more prescient than I gave him credit for. #fb

I fervently hope that I’m wrong about what is coming, but I won’t be caught surprised or silent. #fb


Plans for the genocide proceed apace.

California is getting its shit together for a secession initiative in 2018. Have we started in Washington state?

Folks from the heartland frustrated with the apathy of folks on the coast to them, you should know that apathy has become antipathy.

The march to fascism continues apace.

Zuck is completely clueless. Time to delete my Facebook account. #fb

“The thundering realization that he’s woefully unprepared for the hard, boring, thankless reality of this” #fb

TIL. Steven Spielberg plays the Cook County assessor’s office clerk in Blues Brothers. Yes, that Steven Spielberg.

Hut hut hut hut

I hate Illinois Nazis.

Windy City Pie was outstanding.

We need to mourn and we need to resist, but we also need to live.

“I will not be surprised if being president of a huge, multiracial… democracy turns his supporters against him…” #fb

I’m in. 📎

“When you grow up in rural America, denying rights to people is an abstract concept.” #fb

Going to take a few days off from Twitter, then decide if I follow Brent out the door. Catch you next week, or not.

Interpreting the election through the lens of the Ultimatum Game

Can’t watch anymore. Good night, America. It’s been a good run.

Fuck you @realDonaldTrump. You fucking bastard.

Fuck your god, Mike Pence. You worthless piece of shit.

Fuck yes.

OK. Four drinks in, but I’ll skip the Ativan. I’m not anxious, I’m pissed off. Tomorrow we begin the hard work of winning our country back.

You must watch this. Whoever you voted for, you must watch this. #fb

Walking home. Weeping for my country. #fb

Drinking beer with friends to kill time so Lisa is home when I get home.

Already booked Christmas travel to Iowa, so will probably go back one last time. #fb

I’ll be dead before global warming makes earth uninhabitable. The grandkids of you bastards in IA, OH, and FL won’t be. They will suffer.

Maybe the Trumpkins are right and the congress will act as a che…¶¶Oh, who the fuck am I kidding. 240 year-old republic down the drain.

Is this thing going to come down to Florida again? Glad I still have some Ativan at home.

It’s a beautiful morning in America. If you’ve already voted, thank you. If you haven’t, please do.

One Foot Tsunami: Election Watch 2016: Election Day Edition “Things to Remember When You Vote Today“

Woke up with “My Prerogative” in my head, which seemed appropriate for the day. Then I remembered it was a Bobby Brown song. F*ck that guy.

My goodness. I love this man. Fired up. Ready to go. Let’s win this thing.

Will Wednesday be that day?

I don’t really care what gender anyone is. Just give me my taco trucks.

Made it to 1500 miles of running for the year today. 🏃

Apologies for a non-election link, but I enjoyed this piece on staff meetings from Rands: Gossip, Rumors, and Lies

Trump’s ego is so fragile, maybe a humiliating electoral defeat will crush him completely. I’m willing to take that chance. Vote! #fb

Capital effort, boys. Bring on the Rapids. #ebfg

Darn it, Mauro.

Mears to Nico! #ebfg (I see you @grandmaml42.)


It’s a beautiful day in Seattle. Get out and enjoy it tweeps. The sun will set soon!

Brilliant. @realDonaldTrump is such a loser. Sad.

Lock him up.

Latinos aren’t ruining this country, they’re saving it! ❤️

So what is Comey going to do for a follow up tomorrow? smh


Herkimer in Greenwood playing early Beatles this morning. I approve.

Happy birthday, @jimcorreia! 🎂👑

“A republic, if you can keep it.”

Commence operation Use the Extra Hour for sleep.

Vote by mail is pretty great.

Saving the GOP: “A party that produces Ms Palin as its VP nominee and Mr Trump as its nominee is at war with reason”

Beautiful. This helps me understand this hateful election and gives us all something to build on come Nov. 9. #fb

(Sorry for redundant tweets. IFTTT+FB)

My friend Rachael arranged for the Chicago papers to find their way to my desk. What an amazing surprise!

Found these on my desk after lunch. Thanks to @nothe for arranging and @justicar for transporting. These are priceless to me.

Looks like the cables and adapters for my new MacBook Pro have arrived!

The FBI is conspiring to elect a wanna-be fascist President. But sure, the feckless GOP congress will act as a check on his power. #fb

Thanks, Obama!

Re-watching the last two innings without my heart in my throat. Raising a glass to Grandpa Harbach, Great Aunt Lois…

Few things are more satisfying as a dev than finishing a refactor and having the next feature just snap into place.

“You’re not doing it for her. The vote you cast is for the republic and the Constitution.” #fb


Be prepared. #cubs

. @brianschmetzer’s rave green army!

Dexter homered as I poured the lucky scotch. Go Cubs Go!

Did I mention we’re hiring?

“It’s a ticket on a widening gyre, promising political catastrophe and moral corruption both…” #fb

Wherefore art thou Macintosh? Asymco¶¶Required reading to understand the Touch Bar MBPs.

Voting for Trump? These are your people. You’ve chosen to join in with the worst of our society. #fb

Not my unicorn, but it’s good to be reminded that Apple hit some users’ sweet spots.

Make a plan to vote. Go here to get info on voting and helpful reminders. #fb

Lucky scotch is working. Go Cubs!

Woot! Another Apple order shipped: “USB-C to Lightning Cable (1 m)”

. @OmniGroup is growing our team of Support Humans! Join us!

Woohoo! Apple ordered shipped. In just 3 days Belkin USB-C to Micro-B Cable (USB 3.1) will be mine.

Did you vote yet? Yes? Magical dogs say, “thank you!”

Soundtrack for the morning…

Happy Halloween. I know it’s scary, but there’s still eight days left until the election. Vote early today! #fb

Ring ring ring ring ring ring ring. Lodeiro phone.

Morris to Lodeiro!


Cubs on the TV, Sounders on the iPad. I don’t have enough scotch in the house for this level of tension.

Nine more days to elect Hillary and save the world from a white supremacist wanna-be fascist. #fb

Hey, Republicans, the biggest terrorist threats are the white supremacist nut jobs who make up your base.

Posted: Which Mac?¶¶“One thing I do know, I’ve never been less happy about ordering new kit.”¶¶

“I can’t blame people for choosing to not wait for Apple to actually do something about it any more.”

So does Obama fire Comey first thing on Nov. 9 or does he have his breakfast and then fire him?

Posted: “The iPhone-ification of the Mac is accelerating.”¶

Brilliant pitching by Cleveland tonight. Let’s get ‘em tomorrow, boys.

This piece helped me understand why, as a Mac user for 24 years, yesterday’s Apple event made me sad and angry.

Much like 3D on the Amazon Fire Phone, Touch Bar is impressive tech in search of a problem. Plus it raises the price of a laptop by $300.


One hand on the Touch Bar and one on the trackpad is the first compelling use of the TB to me.

And the first with zebras!



Did people send Tim great pictures of their TVs?

Time for a deep playoff run, Sounders. #ebfg

Just 11 days left to vote early! It’s a great relief to have already voted.

Just 25,952 days, but who’s counting…

Cubs win! Cubs win! Home field advantage shifts to good guys. Let’s get ‘em at Wrigley. #fb


A perfect Seattle winter’s day.

It’s another good day to vote early. If by chance you‘re undecided, give this a read: “Dear Republican Voters” #fb

Celebrate the Cubs return to the World Series with another old Chicago tradition: Vote Early, Vote Often #fb

World Series starts tomorrow! Use the off day to rest, hydrate, and—if you live in an early voting state—cast your vote. #fb

Drumpf’s newest property in NE Iowa.

Whew. Sounders’ first playoff game lands on a World Series off day. Sports ball all the things!

Too much beer and yelling, not enough food. Such a headache.

Guy on bus has a rave green and black checked fedora. It’s pretty great.

Helped usher the Sounders into the playoffs too. If I ignore the Cyclones, this is a fun fall for my teams.

Raise minimum wage, unemployment rate still drops. Small increases in minimum do not decrease employment.

All aboard the city limo to a Sounders victory. #ebfg

/me digs to the bottom of the scarf box…

The goal of progressivism and the result of capitalism. Left and right have to work together.

We have the opportunity to elect a Cubs fan as our next president. If you live in a vote-by-mail state, today is a great day to vote!

We’re singing Go Cubs Go, Go Cubs Go. Hey Chicago whadda ya say, Cubs are gonna win today.

Pick off! #cubs

Game time. Switching to the Goose Island. Let’s see if there’s anything left in that tired arm, Kershaw.

Paging @dmessent: Verity C.U. supports Apple Pay now.

Civic duty accomplished, it’s time to get ready for some baseball.

I Voted ❤️

“Votes for women! Step in time!”

Oh, Hill yes. Let’s do this.

Good to get back on the horse…

“The end of his presidential dreams must come under an avalanche of anti-Trump votes on Nov. 8.” - NY Daily News #fb

Cubs win! Cubs win! Cubs win! Back to Chicago to win the pennant.

Cubs bat around in the 8th. Six more outs boys, then back to Chicago to clinch this thing.

Baez is about as slow covering first as he is at pitching. The human rain delay strikes again.

Smoltz and Buck are so f*ing annoying. Might have to switch to the Spanish audio.