Curt Clifton

Defying Gravity…

On this Thanksgiving we’re saying “mahalo”and substituting fresh grilled shrimp for turkey.

I look forward to being able to breathe again! 179AA098-4529-4B97-B039-AD6311A7A4FD.jpg

We’re going in the right direction today. Aloha!

“… with the Trump tax cut, the doctrine has failed again. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to get politicians to understand something when their campaign contributions depend on their not understanding it.” —Paul Krugman

Ready to vote.

“If you’re sick and tired, too, here is what you can do. Vote for Democrats on Tuesday. For every office. Regardless of who they are.” — Max Boot

“The public has seen Trump’s fusion of ethno-nationalism and orthodox GOP plutocracy put into governing practice, and is rejecting it.” —Greg Sargent Let this be true and restore my faith in America.

“The reason for the talk about invasion is simple: Trump and Fox News are trying to manipulate white voters into supporting Republican candidates. There is considerable evidence from research experiments that scaring people makes them more conservative, at least temporarily.” —Nicholas Kristof

“In the Trump era, people who should be shunned are embraced…” —Karen Tumulty

“The angry obsessive is absolutely vulnerable to being stoked, inflamed, and inspired by angry rhetoric. Speech can inspire violence. … It’s one reason why civility and a sense of proportion in your speech aren’t just abstract … concepts. They’re moral responsibilities for people with any kind of meaningful platform.” —David French

“Trump is doing the opposite. He is deliberately exacerbating our divisions for partisan gain. He is risking widespread political violence so that he and his Republican supporters can hold on to office.” —Max Boot

“The barbarian savior loves to see a reporter body-slammed, to parade his ignorance, to strut his lies, to broadcast his bigotry, to empower rich Middle Eastern murderers, to humiliate a woman traumatized by sexual assault, to incite his followers to violence, …” —Roger Cohen

“Each and every Republican who [voted] for Kavanaugh, therefore, effectively [announced] that they care more about controlling the Supreme Court than they do about the legitimacy of the court itself. There will be hell to pay.” —Robert Post

“In so doing, [Collins] has proved herself, in the end, to stand for nothing.” —Jennifer Finley Boyland

“McCain, you see, wasn’t just Graham’s friend. He was his road to greater relevance. And Trump presented a veritable expressway. So Graham switched vehicles and directions, and pressed the pedal to the metal.” —Frank Bruni

Extraordinary sunrise.

“As a lark, they set up a card table at the nearby Salt Lake City’s farmers market and told people they were dispensing free advice.” —Cathy Free

“This sort of casual lying about trivial things that one should own up to belongs in its own category of reprehensibleness. It betrays a special order of contempt for one’s listeners to feed them obvious crap about matters that most ordinary people would forgive, if only the speaker copped to them.” — Greg Sargent

“In its stubborn rejection of empirical reality, the Left NIMBYist view of housing markets shares characteristics of ideologically motivated refusals to accept evidence in other contexts, such as climate change or the safety of vaccines.” — Roderick Hills

“By definition, a vote for any Republican candidate in 2018 is a vote for family separation, tax cuts without corresponding budget cuts, daily insult theatrics in the Oval Office and porn-star payoffs. It’s a vote to ignore Russian corruption of our elections.” — Tom Nichols

“If a bookie will give me 15-to-1 odds, I might lay a bet Chelsea Clinton hosts their inevitable book party.” — David Von Drehle

“Millions of Americans were startled by the revelation on Wednesday afternoon that there was someone working in the Trump White House capable of writing an entire editorial…” — Andy Borowitz

Representing in Oakland. Go M’s!

“To say identity precedes issues doesn’t mean that issues aren’t important. But high-flown ideas — including a moral commitment to equality — must come down to earth to gain power… For better or worse, it’s only through identity that ideas can change the world.” — Kwame Anthony Appiah