Curt Clifton

Picked up a Stanley Type 11 No. 5 plane, circa 1910–1918. It’s in amazing condition.

“An amateur magician, Mr. Kasell once sawed NPR legal affairs correspondent Nina Totenberg in half.” —Adam Bernstein

“we risk our country slipping further into the practice of a fraudulent form of American patriotism, where ‘soldiers’ are sacred, the work of actual soldiering is ignored and the pageantry of military worship sucks energy away from the obligations of citizenship.” —Phil Klay

This rose bush is extraordinary. Didn’t realize when we signed the lease in January that we were renting such nice flowers too.

“And because the institutional G.O.P. during his years was like a bayou airboat with a fire in its propeller and several alligators wrestling midship, an unhappy end for his career was all-but-foreordained.” —Ross Douthat

Hiking at Castle Rock State Park. That’s Monterey Bay in the distance.

Can’t beat a day in the woods…

“The White House is an adult day care with only one ward in its charge: His ‘Sesame Street’ is Fox News; his afternoon snack is Filet-O-Fish. … I bet Trump is quaking in his boots at the prospect of tougher oversight from House and Senate Republicans. Pass the tartar sauce.” —Rick Wilson

This Brooks piece is infuriating. It wasn’t a “Miracle” that launched the modern age 300+ years ago, it was the Enlightenment and science. Conservatives have, and would have us, turn our backs on the very mechanisms that pulled us out of the superstitious dark ages.

“The ranks of people who …sought to steer [Trump] away from his most destructive impulses have thinned. He’s more alone than ever. He must be more frightened, too.

But not half as scared as the rest of us should be.” —Frank Bruni

A Guide to For People Who Have A Love/Hate Relationship With Twitter — Jean MacDonald

Grilled Alaska salmon with this pineapple salsa was excellent. Easy to make, but lots of chopping and dicing.

Our first rose of the season…

“Its promises to investors have demanded an ever-improving ability to spy on and manipulate large populations of people. Facebook, at its core, is a surveillance machine, and to expect that to change is misplaced optimism.” —Tim Wu

“…conservative efforts to downsize government will hurt people all across America, but it will disproportionately hurt the very regions that put the G.O.P. in power.” —Paul Krugman

I was pleased with the pineapple-glazed ham on the grill too.

The four-cheese potatoes were great.

Easter dinner planning the OmniPlan way…

“Facebook’s irresponsibility isn’t merely an abuse of a personal relationship …, but also an abuse of a civic relationship.” —Noam Cohen

I suppose this means I’m a Californian now.